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Check out my Kickstarter~!!! Any help, contributions, or shares would be a huge help~!!! I want to make this dream come true!
Gemsona Guide

Gemsona Guide by Kafae-Latte
Hey everyone! I haven't had my big PC for forever so I couldn't be on DA much. But I wanted you to know that my and Demeteraa's comic Kill Me Shining has been released!!! check it out at
(site contains some adult images BUT there are warnings beforehand and you have to agree to go to those pages)
Did you know Hachi loves game shows? Specifically Greggo’s Game Shows. If you’ve ever met him in real life you know how fun Greg can be…
He comes to conventions and hosts the most hilarious games, with voice actor panelists and con-goer participation too! He’s in a bit of a bind and it’d mean a lot if you’d check him out and recommend him to any events/cons you know of!    
 Thank you guys!…
I'll be in Chicago at Anime Central this weekend! If anyone wants to see me just say hey! I'll be in my nausicaa, miltank, yami, isabelle or maybe team rocket or chihiro cosplays. Have fun everyone!!
:iconmaryenne042: is actually one of my favorite people on DA right now, besides :iconkimmymanga: and a few others. Her art is always full of spirit and life! She makes my favorite ongoing YGO doujinshi and has a lot of legit-looking fake screenshots of her original stuff. Her art was shown at the animation festival I was just Art Director of, it was great fun! I also really love :iconmysticmonarch:'s fanfics, she is my favy for YGO fics! :3 

Here's some of Maryenne's art:
<da:thumb id="356072483"/>  No name - volume one cover by Maryenne042  No name - teaser 2 by Maryenne042
Hi guys! 
This year I'm the art director of my university's animation festival, Kinematifest~! We show visual art (any original art pieces, comic pages, concept sheets, 3D models etc), animations, and interactive media (games, websites, etc). If you are a student ANYWHERE and have any of this kind of art, you can submit and have it shown at a real art festival! Even if you can't attend (It's in St. Louis, MO), it's a great opportunity to have your art professionally shown, and looks great on a resume. Even better, we're having animators from the business coming to speak and they'll see your stuff! Details on the site.
Now, I know some of you guys might be like, naw my stuff isn't good enough to show in front of PEOPLE!!! But I know it is!! Submit, what's the worst that could happen? By submitting art you're actually doing us a favor by giving us more stuff to show and have for our event~! I'lll be putting my art up!

I'm looking at you, :icongriffsnuff: :iconkimmymanga: :iconclefairykid: :iconmaryenne042: :iconphantomcarnival: :iconmewitti:

Ask me if you have any questions! The deadline is March 17th! Also, the art does NOT have to be new for the fest~! 


Journal Entry: Sat Nov 30, 2013, 8:26 PM

Frozen was freaking awesome! Go see it now. The trailers do it -0 justice. 

-Amazing animation, 3D snow was fantastic, no it is not a clone of Tangled 
-Breaks Disney stereotypes and has hilarious adult jokes
-Did I mention breaking Disney stereotypes? Let me mention it again. It's like... socially conscious.
-Nonstop action and funny pace, no random lull in the middle like a lot of movies
-The songs are almost all belted, and really powerful. Not something kids can sing along to.... unless they're like... fucking amazing at singing for their age.
-Sweet ass looking horses and costumes. Dude, the hair. cosplay that shit.

Also guys, the mickey mouse short beforehand was the best Animation History fan service ever. LOVED it.

YGO Atem Cosplay WIP and Tutorial on Basic Cosplay

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 26, 2013, 1:12 PM
Check it out! Atem Cosplay WIP, Intro to wigs, wefts, body paint, and other cosplay essentials

Drawing Party! Join me for a livestream tonight

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 25, 2013, 2:30 PM
Hey guys! I'm starting a livestream daily series, and tonight at 10:30 will be the first session. The series will be one session each day (usually at 6pm, but today it's a late night one).
You can join the livestream chat, and we can all draw together. The point is for us all to get daily practice to become better artists, and together! I'll be drawing and basically doing a loose lesson on whatever topic is for the day.

Wednesday's are late shows (18+) and Sundays will be critique day, so if you want to send me a link of something you want analyzed I will do my best to help you find any ways to improve (humbly speaking).

Today is hump day... and a late show so... tonight's topic is Yaoi! Woo! If you are under 18, or are not interested, check out every other day's cast.

I'll see you at 10:30!!!

Sup Dweebs, apparently this post is in 90's language. Well, I gotta jet and I'll catch ya later, gator.
-stopping 90's speach now, I've been watching too much Power Rangers-

Okay so if you're watching me on DA, and like my art, or are interested in me at all you should read this, or skim it, to know what I'm all about. If you do I'd appreciate it, and if you comment I'd love it! If you don't, that's cool too. :)

The biggest reason why I haven't said a lot of this stuff before is because I was afraid someone would steal my ideas, world, and characters. But as the internet becomes more advance and accepted as an outlet for real new products and ideas, I think it's time I let some be known. If you guys know anything about this^ concern I'd love to know.

-----All below ideas, names, characters, worlds, manga ideas, stories, and other creations are copyright Lauren Willier aka Kafae Latte as of 8/27/13 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I'm all about manga/graphic novels/comics

This is what I really want to do with my life, and it's what I feel is the most important art I make. I've been coming up with stories and characters (hardcore) since 5th grade, and lightly before then. So since I want to begin letting some of that out into the world as I work on my mangas, I wanted to make this post to outline my ideas.

Most of these stories and characters have been around a long time for me, but they're band new for everyone else.

My current manga "world" is what I've been working within the most. Most of my manga will take place here. It doesn't have a name yet ;/, but it's got everything else. LOL The countries and cities have names... but the planet doesn't.

Several of my manga ideas have to do with humans that are cursed and have animal parts (ears, tails, transmuted organs that may fail because of this change, different eyes, whiskers, claws, gils, and... ahem... inhibited... ... love-making parts.) and tendancies (forced diet change - will be sick if they eat meat when they are a herbavore, anger of a predator, increased fight or flight, etc.)
This may sound lame to you, you may say: hey! That's just like that one other thing I saw!
But this is a summary of a much larger world I've worked on for years, and of course its originality will come out in the execution of the storytelling. :D

Manga Ideas set in this world Overall Title:

Legends of Celestial Metamorphosis

Currently Actively Writing:
- Brother Story "Kill Me Shining"
    Characters: Ougee Tani, Ooki Tani, Hachi Sugihara, Senga Glas

Here's Hachi and Ougee. Ougee is cursed with a Rabbit spirit.

-1800s Medical Story "The Bell Stalker"
    Characters: Dr. Joseph Bodigizer, The Bell Stalker, Benjamin, Adelaide, Giselle, Sabine.

-Bird-boy story "Under Decaying Wings"
    Chars: Ari, Linette, Grigor

Not actively being written:
-Fish-people story(no name).
    Chars: Soom, Zypher, Luts and more (lol doll names :3)

-Demon/Angel Story "The Legend of Divine Metamorphosis"
    Chars: Ani/Ankoku, Ri/Kaminari, Suki, Snap

-Video Game Comedy Adventure "Black Forest"
    Chars: Curse, Dweed, Wrath, Mohito

-Japanese Empress and Samurai story "Zen Quest" THIS IS SO OLD AND LAME, NEEDS SO MANY CHANGES OMG
    Chars: Naru Hanzu, Ketto Kite Zoramaki, Sen

-Fairy Tale story "Kitty Caught in a Candy Shop" ALSO SUPER OLD O_O
    -Chars: Kitty/Katherine, Pocky the fairy

-Robot Existential stuff story "Cybernetic Chubot" OLD AS CRAP
    Chars: Chutachi, Cho, Chu, Saki

So yeah, if I start putting out art that have to do with "my manga" and "OC's", which I usually just say "My Characters" this is what I'm talking about. Of course this is a very brief list with no plot summaries, but more will come if I can let out certain stuff without spoilies. Here it all is, and within each story (active ones) is about a bajillion sketch pages and word documents full of info.
-----All above ideas, names, characters, worlds, manga ideas, stories, and other creations are copyright Lauren Willier aka Kafae Latte as of 8/27/13 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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No Longer Taking Custom Commissions

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 6, 2013, 8:49 PM
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Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke

I am no longer taking requests for custom or made-to-order commissions. My other shop members :iconkeybladefoxsquirrel: :iconpuddingmcmuffin: still are, however. You can check out all the active items on our Etsy shop (click the third cupcake to the left <--).

I realize that custom commissions take up so much time and work, and I really don't enjoy them anymore... so I would be better off just making already made stock items to sell. I love making things for upcoming conventions, but always fall behind with timed orders.
And I'm sure as any of you who have done commissions know... the customers can be ... just... awful sometimes. There are the few customers that are truly nice, that warm my heart... Like the man who bought a plush for his wife for Christmas, and my handmade doll was all he could afford. I threw in another plush for them to have.
Or the girl that bought a Derpy Hooves plush at a con and wouldn't stop hugging it.

But anyway, I'd be a lot happier focusing on my comics and producing more massly-recreatable products like stickers, shirts, and more.

Thanks everyone for the support! I hope you continue to check out the cool stuff we're coming up with in the shop and laugh at my comics and such.
-Kafae (Lauren)

Comic Site is up!

Journal Entry: Tue May 21, 2013, 6:18 PM
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Hi guys! Sorry for so few updates (does anyone read these things?) My dream has always been to make comics full time... so in order to project my life in that direction like a rocket--- I've made a comic web site! It's called Kafae's Comics... check it out! :)…

Kafaes Comics logo by Kafae-Latte

I won!

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 30, 2013, 10:34 PM
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I won 3rd place in the Cosplay Coalition's Cover Contest (whew!) I get to be on their facebook cover picture for the next 6 months~~!!!~!~! YAY!…

Here's my picture. It's Yue the moon goddess from Avatar the Last Airbender. :D

Also I have started a Pokemon Nuzlocke comic and it is SO fun! I really am called to do comics. They are more fun for me than animation or plain art pieces any day.

Anime STL is coming up in two weeks~! I'm hopefully going to finish my Nausicaa costume by then. I'm sure it'll be super fun!~!~!

Thanks for understanding

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 5, 2013, 11:45 PM
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Thanks to everyone who has ordered from me in the past months, and all my watchers. I really appreciated your patience while I dealt with the death of my father.

And to everyone who has not been so patient.... ouch.... :(

Either way, thanks for supporting my art guys.


Working Slots

Terriormon Patrick G (Etsy)
Quilava Plush Laura W (RL)
Zack Skyy Character Drawing (RL) Alex
Link 10" Plush (Etsy) Birgit A
Terriormon Plush (Etsy) Jacob G

Waiting Slots:

Terriormon (Etsy) Linda S
Makar (Etsy) Kenneth K
Terriormon (Etsy) Mary M
Terriormon (Etsy) Jeff C
Terriormon (Etsy) Jasmine C
Human Apron (Etsy) Donna D
Terriormon (E) Jessica P
Makar (E) Shailena A
L size Green Apron (E) Samantha S

Cute stuff drawing LIVESTREAM

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 27, 2013, 12:03 AM
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My Shop Tutorial Site My Etsy…!

Join me while I draw cute things~! <3

Animal Crossing: Who are your favorite characters?

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 25, 2013, 10:09 PM
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I am doing some drawings for fun and possibly to make into stickers of popular animal crossing characters. I'd like your vote! List as many as you like. Those with the highest votes, and my personal favorites, will be made into drawings! Yay! Thanks guys~! <3

Here is the list so far

Finished Drawings:

Finished Drawings:
-Cyrus the alpaca
-Lisa the alpaca

Drawings in Queue (Ones I will do):
-All other fruits (Peach, Cherry, Orange, Pear, Coconut)
-Sable and Mable Able the porcupines (4 votes each, my favs)
-Brewster (3 votes, one of my favs)
-Tangy the cat (4 votes)

Votes for favorite characters:

-Agent S 1
-Bob 4
-Brewster 3
-Baabra 1
-Bella 1
-Blaire 1
-Chevre 1
-Chief1 1
-Cookie 2
-Candi 1
-Chyuuko 1
-Caroline/Bliss 1
-Drake 1
-Daisy 1
-Dotty 1
-Ed 1
- Felicity 1
-Gala 1
-Genji 1
-KK  1
-Kabuki the cat 1
-Kit 1
-Kid cat 1
-Lily 1
-Marina 1
-Maple 1
-Mable the porcupine 4
-Monpe 1
-Nook 2
-Nibbles 1
-Natasha 1
-O'Hare 1
-Poncho the bear 1
-Pelly 2
-Pascel 1
-Puck 1
-Punchy 1
-Red 1
-Mr Resetti 1
-Sable the porcupine 4
-Scoot 1
-Stella 1
-Stitches 1
-Tangy the cat 3
-Takoyaki 1
-Tortimer 1
-Tom 1
-Vesta 1
-Winnie 1

Cosplay Contest, Please support!

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 16, 2013, 11:27 PM
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Do you guys like my art and/or cosplays?
I'm in the Cosplay Coalition contest and the winner is chosen by the number of 'likes'
Here's Yue:…

And Skull Kid:…
LOZMM: Skull Kid and Fierce Deity Link Cosplays 2 by Kafae-Latte

PLEASE LIKE if you like!!! Thank you!

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  • Reading: Daily life in the 1800s
  • Watching: people play video games
  • Playing: Zoo tycoon
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Hey anime peoples! What do YOU buy at conventions, especially from the artist alley? I want to know so I know what to sell at kawa and other cons. :)

Here's what I've got so far:
Cabbage plushies $10
Onigiri Plushies - $7 or so
Onigiri Pillow $15 or so
My Little Pony Plushies (Like 20" tall) - $60 or something
Pokemon Breeder Aprons - $20
Makar Plush (From LOZ wind waker) - $35
Terriormon Lifesized plush - $60
Terriormon mini plush - $30.. or something

Thinking of making:
Paper charms
Posters or small prints
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I'm going to have an artist alley booth at the next convention (Kawakon 2013, February, in Missouri)
What do you think I should make for the convention? So far I'm considering doing these items:
Onigiri Plushies - $5…
My Little Pony Plushies (Like 20" tall) - $60 or something
Pokemon Breeder Aprons - $20…
Makar Plush (From LOZ wind waker) - $35…
Terriormon Lifesized plush - $60…
Terriormon mini plush - $30.. or something

Also considering figuring out how to make a Tardis apron...
what else do you guys think?? Thanks!
Also do you think the prices are right?
  • Reading: My new digital artist and imagine fx magazines
  • Playing: Lol
I've got a finished Makar doll to sell! Here's the listing!…

Makar from Legend of Zelda Wind Wakar.